VFX and Motion Graphics

• Clean-up.
Unwanted objects can often be a real headache, and make the difference between keeping or discarding a shot in the edit. The usual suspects are camera / crew reflections in shiny surfaces, background objects such as people, litter and cars, blemishes on skin, tracking markers, crew kit that somebody forgot to move, price tags on props and general grime that spoils the quality of your film.

• Logo Removal.
Logos and branding can play havoc with clearance. The Smart Vectors toolset within Nuke enables items of clothing to be tracked and labels replaced with a new custom label or removed altogether.

• Screen / Sign Replacement.
Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, TV or monitor, we can composite content onto the device in your shots, meaning you're not restricted on the day of the shoot, or if incorrect content was initially used. Sign replacement speaks for itself; we can change a street sign or billboard to a different image, or do a language translation. It's planar tracking to a flat surface, add graffiti to a wall etc.

• Shot stabilisation.
It's very common for people to slap Adobe's Warp Stabiliser onto wobbly and shaky shots, but this can often result in a weird jelly distortion which is obviously not good. Depending on the shot, we use either Nuke, Mocha Pro or After Effects to provide rock solid, smooth stabilisation. Without the jelly.

• Camera and Object Tracking.
Camera Tracking is part and parcel of the clean-up process when doing Camera Projection in Nuke or adding text / supers in Z-space in After Effects so it's something we do on a regular basis. If you're having problems getting a rock solid camera solve, send us your shot and using PF Track we can send you tracking data for all common applications such as Nuke, Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D etc. PF Track also enables us to provide Object Tracking Data, so you can have Nulls / Axis aligned to a moving object, such as a car, in your shot.

• Motion Graphics.
We mainly do Supers and Accolades; kinetic text and 3D text in Z-Space working within the Abode Creative Suite and Cinema 4D for animation and swirly lines. We've used the Trapcode Suite for particle simulations and 3D effects for motion graphics for many years now and we've recently discovered Stardust for After Effects which has got some fantastic features in attract / repel / forces dynamics, similar to the functionality of X-Particles in Cinema 4D. We don't run Houdini but we've more than enough clout to add sizzle to your graphics, or dynamic atmospheric dust to your scene. With a bit of Optical Flares thrown in for good measure.

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